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Kadie, a little girl who was terminally ill, finally got her chance to talk to Taylor Swift. Kadie passed away 4 days ago, August 13, 2011. Rest in peace baby girl.

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Every breath.

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my-heart-on-a-string: Nope, Taylor Swift and Adam Young have never been a couple of any sort! only friends, and you are welcome :) you too and don't for get to speak now :)

Stay Fearless and thank you for speaking now. :)

3 years ago // by ifreakinlovetaylorswift
Anonymous: i'm speaking now. and im not trying to tell you what to do, but when someone is telling you something that they've heard, there is no reason to be rude. i know some of the followers talk to you harshly and rudely too, but two wrongs do not make a right. if they think they're right, nicely tell them they aren't. i know we're on the internet and it is hard to tell tones, but sometime they come across as rude and harsh. we're all following you because we love taylor swift. don't ruin it please.

I’m sorry, but I don’t really see how I’ve answered rudely. I actually answered it in a very calm polite way. But if I have offended anyone, then I apologize. This is simply about something very petty. Thank you for stating your opinion. Stay fearless. You’re doing it right. :)

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my-heart-on-a-string: actually if you read the story Taylor posted on her website weather it is Taylor posting it or not she did write it it says that she went to meet him in NY and yes she had a huge crush on him and when they got together to hang out it was really awkward and no one really said much just small talk and when she was driving home she said she was sitting next to her mom blushing like a school girl and then she got back to the hotel and she had an email from him saying I was enchanted to meet you!

They hung out together, YES, but they did not DATE like a real couple. Thank you for the story. Stay Fearless.

3 years ago // by ifreakinlovetaylorswift
Anonymous: no! Adam and taylor actually dated. infact taylor got her inspiration in ENChANTED song because of adam telling her that he was enchanted to meet her. you can search it up on google news. SUCKERS! :P

Well, actually, I should say that you should get your facts straight. The story behind ‘Enchanted’ was because she had a huge crush on Adam Young when they met in New York. That’s why she wrote him the song, and as a response, Adam Young wrote a different version of Enchanted which is basically ‘Enchanted Owl’. 

You might want to search it up on MTV news. TATA.  

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fixtures: Are taylor come to indonesia? I beg you answer this, stay fearless <13

We don’t know if she’s going to Indonesia, but since the Asian tour is over, she might not go there till her next tour. Stay Fearless! 

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roobicon-deactivated20121201: Have Adam (Owl City) and Taylor actually dated? I used to be friends with him and I think they would be the cutest couple ever! :O x

No, they haven’t. But I like the way you think. They would be so amazing together! Stay Fearless! ♥

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