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Where do we make our Typographies/Gifs/Edits?

GIMP, Photoscape, name them all. But most of the time we us PHOTOSHOP.

Where can I download it?

You can search the google for it.


Fonts 1
Fonts 2
Speak now Fonts (with DL link)
Fearless Fonts
RED Font (tungsten semibold)

Where can I download them?

search them here. or Google it

Where do we get Taylor’s Pictures?

here or here.

How can we Submit our Edits?

just tag your edits with our URL - ifreakinlovetaylorswift

note: we don’t reblog everything.

Follow back? & Promotions?

NO. Read this.

Who are the admins and members?

Admin1 Admin2 Admin3 Admin4
List of members

What are your nationality?

The admins and most of the members are Filipinos. Some are from other countries.


How to make a GIF (PS & Photoscape)
How to make a GIF, part 2 (PS)
How to create an ask box like this on, with some FAQs.
About PSDs
Enable your Facebook timeline
Dancing Letters GIF
Typo Tuts {long line text} 

Facebook time line size?

at least 850 x 315 px 

Edits Resources.

PSDs - drunkandcoloring, swiftpsd
Templates - welovetemplates  
Textures -  northerndawn 
everything -  fuckyeahresources 

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